About Us

Company Summary

HLH Management, Inc. was founded in Reno, NV in 2006.  The company provides management and consulting services related to real estate investment and development.  HLH Management, Inc. serves multiple clients with a wide variety of management tasks ranging from general bookeeping to development planning and investment evaluation.


Harry “Chip” Hobson, President

Harry “Chip” Hobson is the President of HLH Management, Inc., a real estate and investment management and consulting firm founded in 2006.  After earning a BS in Exercise Science and a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California he worked as an orthopedic and geriatric Physical Therapist for nearly 14 years.  In 2003, Mr. Hobson earned an MBA from the University of Nevada – Reno and began his career in real estate/investment management.  His firm manages several privately held Limited Liability Companies involved in real estate development and operations of office, warehouse and residential holdings.

Through HLH Management, Inc. Mr. Hobson also serves as the Executive Director of Silver Sage Manor, Inc., a nonprofit affordable senior housing developer based in Reno, Nevada.  He has assisted Silver Sage Manor in the development of multiple affordable housing projects and is actively involved in the oversight of their existing portfolio of projects and service providers.

In addition to his professional work Mr. Hobson serves the community via his involvement as the current President of Sierra Nevada Community Aquatics, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding aquatics opportunities in Northern Nevada through the development of a new regional aquatic center.